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 The History of Lowe Automotive Group 

  • Lowe Automotive was opened in 1968 by Norman & Hazel Lowe. They were signed as a Motorcraft distributor and incorporated in 1969 in St Louis MO.
  • In 1986, Jeff Lowe (their son) expanded the business to Bloomington IL.
  • From there, MAP Bloomington began servicing customers in Northern Illinois & Wisconsin via UPS and saw their customer base continuing to grow in this area.
  • In 1996, Norman Lowe passed away and Jeff Lowe became the President of Lowe Automotive Whse. & MAP Automotive Whse.
  • To better service the customers in Wisconsin, MAP Automotive opened a new location in Butler WI in 1997.
  • Then, in 2002, MAP Automotive bought out the auto parts distribution portion of Berry Tire and opened a location in Blue Island IL.
  • Jeff continued to offer exceptional service and a large inventory that has become well known by Lowe & MAP customers.
  • In 2007, Lowe Automotive expanded and began operating 3 Jobber Stores in the St Louis area and 3 additional warehouses when they acquired the Eagle Automotive, Jefferson County A/P, Pevely Auto A/P, SEMO Automotive & South County A/P.
  • Jeff had success with the 3 Jobber Stores & a couple years later, he had the opportunity to purchase D&S Auto Parts in 2009 to further expand the Jobber Store business in St Louis.
  • Lowe Automotive for several years had been running an extended cargo van to Springfield MO on a daily basis, but in 2010, they were asked to consider opening a location in Springfield MO.
  • In early 2011, Lowe Springfield began quickly filling their new warehouse & further expanded their delivery service to the towns outside of Springfield.
  • In late 2013, MAP purchased the Illinois distribution portion of RM Distributing. MAP Peoria began operations right after Thanksgiving 2013.
  • This most recent expansion of the Lowe Automotive Group was customer service driven. Lowe Automotive Group continues to enhance their customer service to set a high customer service standard in all of the markets they are in & even today, with all of the part distribution challenges, Lowe Automotive Group is known for their exceptional inventory & fast delivery to their customers.
  • Lowe Automotive Group is a Full-Line Parts Plus WD.



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